Friday, May 27th

Well, I’m going to keep this short and sweet tonight, because I am pooped! 🙂

Today went okay, I guess. They started chemo right away this morning at 8:00 and again at 9:00. Jacob ended up eating breakfast. I was actually surprised by that. Usually when he gets sick, he’s done eating.

He was so tired today, probably didn’t help that his counts were so low. He ended up taking a nap for a couple hours. He looked much better after that. Still quite pale, but more awake. They decided to give him a transfusion of rbc. His hemoglobin wasn’t quite at the transfusion level, but they decided to do it anyway hoping it would give him a little boost for the holiday weekend. He ended up getting sick later in the afternoon. It kind of came out of nowhere. I think it was from him taking his pills. He was doing fine until then. We finally got to leave at 6:00 to come back to Hastings where we’ll be until next Monday – the 6th. Then we’ll head back to the hospital again. Jacob does need to go back to the clinic on Tuesday to get his blood counts and they may transfuse more if needed. They said they want to make sure that he can enjoy his fishing trip next week. 🙂

This evening was nice. It was so good to see Caleb again. He had a rough week not being able to see his Mommy. We were able to snuggle quite a bit tonight. Plus, it was good to see both my sisters. :). Jacob ended up eating quite a bit for dinner, so that’s a good sign. Hopefully tomorrow is even better.

Thank you for all of your messages and prayers. You are amazing people. Please continue to pray for Jacob and his healing along with the rest of us with this journey that we’re on. I know God has big plans for us all! We just need to be ready and willing to listen to what they are!!!

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