Friday, January 4th

Great news……PET scan was CLEAR!!!!!  Praise the Lord!  We are ecstatic!!   Actually, when I told Jacob, he said calmly, “Ya, I knew it would be.”  Wow!  Faith like a child, right?  I wish I was like that all the time.  🙂   He is currently getting his MRI.  Hopefully we’ll be done soon.  We were supposed to be out of here by 4:00, but obviously that’s not gonna happen.  We’ll shoot for 5:00 then.  Well, as long as we get home safe and sound.  Please pray for safe travels!  I will hear something about the MRI tonight.  The doctor here told me if I didn’t hear from him before I went to bed tonight to page him so we wouldn’t have to go through the weekend without knowing results.  Even though we have the best news ever, they are wanting to make sure that the hardware in his back and the surgery site is still good. 

Well, gotta go get packin.  Jacob just got back and we want to get the show on the road!   Thank you everyone for your prayers!  God is soooo good!!!!  🙂

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