Friday, February 22nd

Sorry I haven’t written all week, but I’ve been enjoying my time at home.  I’m sure you all understand.  By the way, we are enjoying our time at home VERY much!!!  It feels so good to be there more than a couple of days at a time.   Been busy though.  Bloodwork on Monday, so with that comes running errands.  I don’t like making more trips into town than I have to so I gotta take care of it all at once.  🙂  Jacob’s bloodwork was great on Monday!  Yesterday, not so much.  His platelets were 24,000.  They don’t like them below 25,000, so today we’re at MGH getting a transfusion.  His hemoglobin was low too, not yet at the transfusion level, but close.  So instead of making us come back next week too (since it’ll continue to drop), they decided to take care of it all at once.  Not how I really wanted to spend my day.  We’ve been here for 4 1/2 hours so far, but better than being in Green Bay, right?  Have to find the positive! 

Jacob continues to do really well!  His hair is still coming in.  He now has a fuzzy head and he loves it!  🙂  His eyelashes are short still, but they’re thick.  I love catching him look at himself in the mirror and the smile that he gets.   His back is doing good.  Was starting to look a little rough as it was peeling, but it never bothered him once.  We’re still beaming that it’s over.  🙂 

Not much else is happening.  Ken and I were planning on going out on a date tonight.  That won’t happen now, but we’ll do it soon.  We certainly need some alone time as we haven’t had much of that in awhile.  Actually not much over the past couple of years.  Oh well!  We’ll have plenty of alone time in a few years when the boys are grown-up.  I’m sure it’ll fly by fast!

We still have a whole other week to enjoy being at home.  Caleb only had one day of school this past week due to snow and conferences.  So glad I was around to spend time with him and make things just a little bit easier for Ken so he didn’t have to scramble trying to find a sitter.  🙂   All is well!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying time with their loved ones!  Thanks for you support and prayers!   Will try to write again soon.

P.S.  So good seeing you today, Rachel!!!  🙂

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