Friday, January 20th

Just when you think it’s all over and life will be back to normal…….

DHS had 21 days to file for an appeal or rehearing.  Last Wednesday, on the 21st day, they filed.  Seriously??  Don’t they have something better to do with their time or our tax dollars?  They filed for a rehearing.  Meaning that they are telling Judge Solka that they don’t agree with his decision and would he reconsider having a trial.  Judge Solka responded with asking our lawyers to file a brief and have it in by February 1st.  DHS’s lawyer then has until February 15th to respond.  We are told that this isn’t anything to worry about.  That Judge Solka is just being thorough.  We still continue to trust God and know that He has everything under control, but it’s just very frustrating.  Is it the State of Michigan or is the hospital pressuring the State to keep going forward.  Personally, I think they’re hurting themselves.  Word keeps getting out like this, people will be too afraid to bring their children to that hospital.  I’ve already had numerous families come forward saying how they’ve been at this certain children’s hospital and have been threatened with CPS when they question their doctor or even mention getting a second opinion somewhere else.  Disgusting!!!

Enough about that….We have some exciting news to share~

Jacob had another clear PET Scan last week!  Praise God!  We are so very thankful!  🙂  Not that we thought it wouldn’t be, but awesome nonetheless.  Jacob continues to feel great and is doing very well.  He has been doing phenomenal in school.  He came in 4th place in the Spelling Bee at his school earlier this week and will have another chance in a couple weeks at Gilbert Elementary.  The winner will then compete in another competition at Jacob’s school, go on to State Finals and possibly to Washington D.C.  He didn’t study for this past Spelling Bee, but assured me that he’s going to for the next one.  We are so proud of him!  🙂 

Jacob also started basketball at the beginning of January.  It’s an amazing program that Caleb is involved in also.  It’s called Upwards and is through a local church.  They have only one practice a week and one game a week.  They both had their first games last Saturday and did very well.  They also started downhill ski lessons last Sunday.  They had a blast!  Ken and I had fun watching them from the warm chalet.  🙂  I think that skiing is going to be Jacob’s thing.  We’ve also gotten out as a family cross-country skiing several times since Christmas.  Great family fun!

It’s amazing how far Jacob’s come since last March.  It’s nothing short of a miracle!  God has certainly been working in his life and in ours.  He is enjoying life and we’re enjoying all being together – happy and healthy! 

Hoping all of you are happy and healthy as well and enjoying this new year!  May God bless all of you and thank you again for all of your words of encouragement and prayers!  Happy 2012!


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