Friday, December 16th

Yesterday, we had a motions hearing.  It went pretty well.  There were 3 motions that our judge was going over.  The first was a motion that DHS filed that we should not be able to have character witnesses testify on our behalf.  The judge ruled in our favor.  PTL!  Second, we filed a motion against DHS as they had 2 child abuse doctors on their witness list.  We wanted them taken off as they have never seen or talked with us or Jacob before.  Plus, this is not a child abuse case.  The judge ruled in our favor.  PTL!  The last motion was a motion to dismiss the case all together.  When the hearing first started, he said that he hadn’t quite made up his mind yet, but he would definitely rule at the end of the hearing.  After listening to our wonderful lawyer, Michael Farris, state our case, the judge decided that he couldn’t make up his mind and that he would need to take the weekend to think about it.  We feel that is a good thing and a step in the right direction.  Overall, yesterday felt like a win and if he dismisses the case next week, it’ll be a VICTORY! 

It was frustrating to listen to, however, as Jacob’s oncologist had filed an affidavit on Monday stating 3 things.  First that Jacob DOES have cancer.  Second, that he WILL die if he doesn’t get treatment.  And third, that the treatment IS safe and effective.  How can she say that Jacob does have cancer after 2 PET scans?  She said that PET scans aren’t reliable.  Ok…let’s play that game.  What if Jacob did continue with treatment for 6 more months as they’re recommending?  If the PET scan was clear then, then they would call it a victory and say he’s in remission.  But since he has a PET scan after 3 months and it’s clear then he still has cancer?  Plus she stated that he DID, not DOES, have cancer in her deposition – she actually corrected herself.  Now she’s saying otherwise.  Number 2:  He will die?  Since when is she God?  No one knows when Jacob will die.  Only God!  Number 3:  The chemo and radiation treatments are safe and effective?  Really?  Since when is putting chemical warfare in a childs body safe?  Most of the chemo drugs they had Jacob on are not proven safe and effective by the FDA.  The DHS lawyer stated yesterday at the hearing that basically it doesn’t matter what the FDA says.  If the doctors want to give a drug to someone, they have every right to.  WHAT????  And when is it okay for a doctor to lie under oath in her deposition and in an affidavit?  And contradicting herself?

Without a doubt, we have God on our side and He is certainly looking out for us.   He remains faithful through all of this  – never failing!

I will let you all know what I find out next week.  Thanks again for your prayers and for those who have signed the petition.  You can also follow us on Hope for Jacob on FB.  Please continue to pray for the dismissal next week!


“Commit everything you do to the Lord.  Trust Him, and he will help you.  He will make your innocence as clear as the dawn, and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun.”  Psalm 37:5,6

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