Friday, April 22nd

Awesome day!!! We were able to leave Mary Free Bed! Yippee!!! We had wonderful therapists, nurses and doctors, but am so thankful to not have nurses coming in the room several times during the night to check on Jacob and waking him up at 6:30 to get vitals and then again one hour later to wake him up for the day. Not a lifestyle that I’m fond of.

We were able to leave at around 11:00 today and headed to Hastings. We are currently staying at my sister Liz’s house for the weekend due to the fact that my sister Rachel (who’s house we’ll be staying at in the future) was sick earlier in the week and I’m too nervous to have Jacob around there. 🙂 Safety first! ha! It’s so nice being here and I love watching Jacob having a great time with his brother and cousins.

I had to give Jacob his shot tonight for the first time. It’s been nice having the nurses be the “bad guys”. He did really well! Actually, we both did. Hopefully it’s this easy every time.

Please continue to pray for Jacob. He’s such an amazing kid and is taking this all so well, but I know that he’s still scared and just wants to be home with things back to normal. We are still praying that his blood counts will be up on Monday so that his chemo will stay on schedule. Thanks again for all your messages and most of all your prayers! We appreciate them so much!

Thanks also to everyone that’s made a donation! You all are amazing people!!! We are blown away by your generousity! I hope that I will be able to thank each and everyone of you someday. Maybe when life is not so crazy!

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