Another Good Day

Jacob is doing well again today, after a successful bone marrow test that lasted around a half-hour. The official bone scan results also came back today and they were normal, just as the doctors predicted. This is wonderful news as it means that the cancer is only concentrated in the small section of his spine where part of the tumor was removed.  Later this afternoon, someone from Mary Free Bed will be stopping by to evaluate Jacob, and if a room is available, he will be transferred there tomorrow to begin physical therapy. Although everyone was a little let down that Jacob wasn’t able to return home, as once expected, they understand that it will be best to keep the progress going with therapy so that he does not lose his will and strength.

Jacob also took his diagnosis very well, despite the fact that his Grandpa passed away only a short time ago after a battle with cancer. Ken and Erin continue to reassure him that his situation is much different and full of hope. He is definitely a strong boy who is handling this ordeal far better than many adults would in his situation!

Earlier today, Jacob was able to spend some time drawing – something that he loves to do and is so talented at. Hopefully we will be able to get some of his artwork up on the site in the near future!

Thanks again all for your continued thoughts and prayers!

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