Wednesday, May 4th

Today was rather uneventful, but sometimes that’s a good thing.  We didn’t do a whole lot – school work, yard sales and just enjoyed the great outdoors on a beautiful day.  Jacob was in a pretty good mood all day, although he did have a little bit of a meltdown during math, but I’m getting used to that.  🙂 

We were supposed to head to Grand Rapids today for physical therapy, but Mary Free Bed called us when we were half way there and told us that they had been talking to the hospital and it would make more sense for Jacob to get his physical therapy there instead of Mary Free Bed since we’re there so much.  What a great idea!  So, with that, our appointments for today and tomorrow were cancelled.  We do, however, still have to head into Grand Rapids early tomorrow morning to get Jacob’s blood counts checked.  Please be praying that they are good so that they can go ahead and give Jacob chemo on Monday.  Not that I want to rush it, but I would love to go home next week and if they have to postpone the chemo, that just throws everything off.  And we are missing Ken something fierce.  🙂

I guess this post tonight is going to be short and sweet.  Not too much to report tonight.  Please just keep on praying!  I believe they are making miracles happen.  God is so awesome!!!  I just know he’s working in so many lives right now.  Not just ours!

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  1. Barb says:

    As always I will pray for jacob and the rest of the family. I will also pray that your home is where you will be next week ~ as the saying goes there is no place like home ~ hope it brings the feeling of normalcy to you all and brightens Jocabs spirits being around everything he loves. Jacob I am guessing you think hugs and kisses from girls are yucky but I am sending a kiss on the check just for you(did i hear an ewww!) and a hug that I would like you to give to your mom for me so she knows I think of all of you every day. X~O Barb

  2. Jane Taylor says:

    I will be praying very hard for the numbers to be good so all three of you can come home for a much needed rest. I know there is a person here who would love nothing better than to have his family home. I look forward to the day when the update message states that it is home for good! Erin and Ken you are in my prayers every night for peace,strength and unity. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for you Erin to be dealing with the day to day stress and heartbreak of watching your sick boy without Ken by your side, but on the flip side cannot imagine having to deal with being so far away as Ken has to. I am so glad you started out strong. May God bless you and keep you, Jane

  3. Tami Westman says:

    Hi Jacob. Our internet has been down for a couple of weeks so I haven’t been able to get online and send you some jokes. But whether or not we are online, Pastor Ron and I pray for you daily.

    Lots of people here are thinking of you here in the U.P. We can’t wait for the dinner in your honor! Your name is in lights on the sign at the High School. Isn’t that neat?! It is there to announce to the community the about your spaghetti dinner coming up.

    I really like that your mom writes these posts about your day. It tells us how to pray for you and her and your family. Jacob, everytime you see your toes remember that many people care about you and are praying for your toes and your legs and your back to grow stronger.

    Here are your jokes. I hope you like them.
    Why do elephants have trunks?
    Because they’ve no pockets to put things in!

    Why did the elephant jump in the lake when it began to rain?
    To stop getting wet!

    What did the zoo keeper say when he saw four elephants walking over the hill towards him wearing sunglasses?
    Nothing, he didn’t recognize them!

    Hope you have a great day!
    Ms Tami

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