Wednesday, June 8th

Today was a really good day!  Not too much to report and that’s exactly why it was a good day.  🙂   Jacob had such a good day!  I’m telling ya, it’s only by the grace of God and by all of your prayers.   If you remember from yesterdays post, I mentioned that Jacob was going to have Doxorubicin again today  – the chemo drug that makes him feel the worst and throw up.  He had his chemo again today at about 1:30.   He was tired and didn’t feel the best.  He just watched t.v..   Finally, at about 3:00, he said “Mom, are we going home yet?”  I told him to give me a moment and within seconds he was dressed and ready to go.  We had to wait for transport to come and get Jacob to bring him down to the parking garage.  Jacob insisted that he didn’t need to ride in a wheelchair, that he could walk, but I reminded him that he usually needs it and it might be a good idea – just in case.  Especially since he had been laying around for a couple days.  Transport came and brought us down to the parking garage.  As soon as the elevator doors were getting ready to open, Jacob jumped up from the wheelchair, pretended to open the doors like he was Superman and walked off leaving us all behind.  He sped his way to the van.  Unbelievable!  I could hardly believe it!  This is the same child that I have to normally beg to leave because he’s too afraid to get up and move because he doesn’t want to get sick.  And usually he does.  But not today! 

We got back to Rachel’s and he layed on the couch for the rest of the afternoon, but was very sociable.  He even ate some dinner.  Actually, quite a bit more than I expected and to be honest, I was surprised he ate any at all.  Normally he won’t eat for at least 24 hours after we leave the hospital.  I’m telling you….this is not the norm!  I’m in shock!  Obviously, God is taking care of Jacob!  I am so thankful!  God is so good!!!  And better yet, we get to go home tomorrow!  Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray that Jacob will continue to feel good and please pray that we will have a safe trip home tomorrow.  That he will continue to make it through this ordeal with flying colors!  He has God’s healing hands on him, so I know he will be great!  Thanks again for all of your prayers – Here’s proof that they work!!!

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