Wednesday, June 15th

Wow…..where has time gone?  It’s Wednesday night already.  Boohoo!  It’s been a busy week so far.  Jacob had chemo Monday morning.  Everything went well.  His counts were good.  He did really good with the chemo and felt decent.  He has been pretty tired though.  I think it’s from the chemo making him tired, plus it has made him lose his appetite, so he hasn’t been eating much so I think he’s tired from that too.  Poor little guy!  I feel so bad for him.  Wish he was healed and back to 100%. 

Tuesday was a pretty mellow day.  He didn’t do a whole lot.  Still really tired.  Just laid around and rested.  The boys did play some, but nothing too active.  I had some errands to run in Marquette, so Ken and the boys ended up going fishing.  That didn’t last too long because Jacob wasn’t feeling the best, but at least they got out. 

This morning we had to run back into Marquette.  DeVos wanted Jacob to get his blood counts checked again this morning in case he needed a transfusion, then hopefully they would be able to get him into Marquette to get one or we’d have to head back to G.R. tomorrow.  Thankfully, his counts were still good.  Of course nothing could be easy with this whole thing.  DeVos wants us to head back into Marquette to get his counts checked again on Friday.  Seriously??  I think they think we have nothing better to do than to run a half hour into Marquette every other day.  It’s not like we have nothing better to do……….  The boys both had friends over today and are spending the night.  It’s nice to see Jacob having fun and smiling.  Doesn’t seem like he does much of that anymore.  He has always been our happy-go-lucky kid.  Always smiling and being silly.   I hope to get that back someday soon.  We miss it so much! 

Please continue to pray for Jacob and his healing.  Please pray for his appetite to come back and that he gains some weight.  He is at the point now where if he loses 2-3 more pounds, they want to put him on an appetite stimulant which is a steroid.  Doesn’t seem like the best idea, so I hope it doesn’t get to that point.  Also pray that our old Jacob will come back.  I know it must be hard to have a great attitude going through something like this, but it’s hard to see him down.  I know it bothers him too.  He’s doing so much better than most adults would, but it’s still hard.  Please also pray for Ken and I to have clear understanding and answers on some decisions we need to make down the road with Jacob’s treatment.  It’s very scary to be put in that situation… know if we’re making the right decision or not!   

Thanks again for all of your prayers!   We are so thankful for them.  I know Jacob wouldn’t be doing as good as he is without God by our side!  He is truly an awesome God!!! 

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