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Monday, September 28, 2015

Good morning!!  Today is a wonderful day and so much to celebrate!  Today is Jacob’s 14th birthday!!!  Can you believe it? He has come so far in the last four and a half years.  We are so blessed to have another day, another year with him.  What a blessing he is to us!

This past month has flown by so fast.  School started on the 8th.  Jacob is a freshman this year!  Crazy!!  I have a high schooler and a middle schooler now.  I feel so old!  Ha!  School is going good.  The first day was pretty emotional.  The boys got on the bus at 6:30 and didn’t get home until 5:00.  That is much too long for any child.  Thankfully the second day went much better.  Still a long bus ride, but I think they’ve accepted it.  :)  We have been blessed, however, to have a good friend of the family, a senior, drive the boys home everyday.  With Jacob in Cross Country and Caleb in Football, it’s just too much for them to get home so late and then have to turn around and go right back to the school for sports without a chance to eat.  So until the end of October comes when the sports slow down, they get a ride.  :)

Cross Country is going good for Jacob.  He really seems to be enjoying it.  He’s getting better all the time and his endurance is growing.  He has had several meets since I wrote last.  Some better than others.  Always weather dependent.  He does not like the hot weather and does not do as well when it’s warm.  He prefers the nice cool weather.   He lives in the right part of the country.  :) Tomorrow he has a meet in Munising, so I am excited to go see him run again.  I always look forward to the meets.  Last week they ran 6 miles for practice and he averaged 8 minute miles.  I think that is pretty darn good and he was so proud of himself and said he had FUN!!  I love that he’s doing something that is enjoyable and healthy!  :)

Last weekend was the Youth Hunting weekend.  Jacob was blessed with another buck.  A 5 point!  God sure does bless him, that’s for sure!  That makes 5 for 5.  In the past 5 years, Jacob has gotten two 6 pts., a 7 pt, an 8 pt. and now a 5.  I think Ken was a little worried that he might get a 9 this year.  Ha!  Although after Jacob shot the 5, a 9 pt. walked past his stand.  :)  Maybe next year!  Jacob and Caleb were also successful duck hunting for the Youth weekend as well.

Other than that, all is well!  I have two happy and healthy boys.  What else could a mother ask for??  October 27th will be Jacob’s next scans down in Green Bay.  Your continued prayers are always appreciated!!   God bless you all!


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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jacob had his first cross country meet today in Munising. His goal was to not come in last and he didn’t. Lol! I’m just so proud of him and how far he’s come. Even though we stood out in the cold and rain, I was so happy and proud! Praising God for my happy healthy boy!!!


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What a wonderful summer we’ve had so far!  Hopefully all of you feel the same.  It’s sad that it’s coming to a close so fast.  The boys have been enjoying their summer vacation so much.  It’s been packed with fun!

We went to my sisters downstate.  They got to see their Aunts, Uncles, cousins and grandparents.   They had a couple of firsts:  Going to Sky Zone and going horseback riding.  They loved the horses and begged to get their own.  Not gonna happen!  😉  I got to go myself and enjoyed every second of it.  I understand why people can get so obsessed with horses.

We’ve also had company often and have enjoyed it all.  We were able to borrow a friends pontoon and go out into Lake Superior along Pictured Rocks again this year.  That never gets boring.  If you have never done that, I suggest you go.  It’s amazing and breathtaking!!

We spent one weekend in Mackinaw City with family and friends.  The boys had a blast in the pool and we got to tour Fort Michilimackinac.  That is right up Caleb’s alley.  He loves history!  Their Aunt Kim also took them out parasailing.  That has probably been the highlight of their summer so far.  :)

July 28th, Jacob had his 2 year post treatment blood work, xrays, MRI, echo and EKG.  Praise God all was perfect!  We continue to thank Him everyday for Jacobs healing!!!  Afterwards, we went to the Bay Beach Sanctuary and Bay Beach.  The boys enjoyed going on the rides while Ken and I sat and enjoyed the smiles on their faces.  :)

We just got back from a week of camping in Brevort.  We go every year.  This year was the 12th year.  We had a blast tubing and just being with family and friends.  The boys always enjoy their cousin time.  :)

Jacob joined cross country this year and it makes me so happy. A little over 4 years ago, Jacob was in a wheelchair, living at Mary Free Bed for a month learning to walk again, graduating to a walker and eventually walking and running on his own. Even though yesterday was rough on him being his first day of practice, today I picked him up and he had a huge smile on his face and said, “Today was so much fun!” That makes my heart smile and fills me with great joy!! So thankful for Gods healing power and each day I have with my boys! 💜💙


I will do my best to keep you all updated on how his meets go.  He’s not planning on being a top runner, but wants to get back into shape and be able to better his time with each run.

Caleb had a busy day yesterday too.  He started football  along with getting braces yesterday morning.  There’s been a little complaining going on in this house with sore teeth and muscles.  😉

Friends of ours have invited the boys to go to Wisconsin Dells with them next weekend.  They are so excited!!!  I’m so happy that we are blessed to have such thoughtful friends.  :)

Thank you for your continued interest in Jacob’s health and for all of your prayers!  We see evidence of it every day!!

April 29, 2015

Well, yesterday was a wonderful day!!  Jacob had his routine MRI, x-rays and blood work down in Green Bay and all was perfect!!  We didn’t have any doubt, but it’s still nice to hear and confirm what God has done in Jacob’s life.  

Jacob is doing really good, obviously.  :)  Thankful that it’s spring.  He did some down hill skiing this winter and a little bit of cross country skiing.   He has been turkey hunting with his dad, but no luck yet.  They saw some jakes, but he wants to wait for a Tom.  :)  He’s excited that school is winding down.  Mostly to have Spanish done with.  School has always come so easy for him, but not a foreign language.  I’ve never heard so much complaining from that boy over one thing ever until this.  😉  I think I’ll be more excited when it’s done than him.  Lol!  

We are still so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers!  We are coming up on 2 years post treatment at the end of June.  YAY!!!!

I have posted a picture from yesterday, right before he got his IV out.  You can see the excitement on his face!  😉





Friday, December 5, 2014

I apologize for not writing much anymore.  Just so busy!!  :)

Life is great!  Jacob is healthy and his brother too!  That’s all that matters at this point. 

Jacob had scans back in July and then again in October all was good.  Jacob is in the 8th grade this year.  Scary to think that next year I’ll have a high schooler and a middle schooler.  Ugh!  I feel old.  Ha!  He turned 13 back in September.  He’s been doing good in school.  He’s taking Spanish again this year.  NOT his favorite subject, but I keep reminding him that he’s almost done.  He got a C last marking period, but is getting all A’s and a B in his other classes.  I’m good with that. 

Jacob had a very successful hunting season this fall.  I’ll post pictures below.  He got an 8 pt. for the youth hunting weekend.  Very awesome!  He was so excited.  I had the privilege of sitting with him again this year, so that made it even sweeter.  He also got into the goose and duck hunting this year with his dad too.  He did very good and we’re so proud of him. 

We also got another dog in October.  We rescued a chocolate lab who was a year and a half.  She fits right into the family and Jacob is in heaven because he loves animals sooo much!!  :)

We’re all just living life and enjoying it.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a blessed Christmas!!

By the way, does anyone even stop by here to check for updates?  :)  If you are still interested in receiving updates, just drop a note or comment so I know it’s worth the effort.  :) 

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Sunday, June 22nd

Well, hello strangers!  It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  Sorry about that, but no news is good news, right?  Life is good!  Jacob and Caleb are healthy and happy and so are Ken and I.  What more could a person want? 

Just wanted to let you all know that things are good.  Jacob had scans again the end of April and everything was perfect!  We were blessed with a trip to FL from my Mother-in-law at the beginning of May.  Ken’s sister and brother-in-law went too.  We had a wonderful time!!  We surprised the boys, so that made it better.  We just pulled them out of school at lunch time and didn’t tell them where we were going.  They didn’t figure it out till we were at the airport and didn’t know it was Orlando until the layover in Atlanta.  Good memories were made.  (Pictures below)

The last week of May, Jacob was finally able to get a turkey.  He tried so hard this spring with out any luck, but finally got a jake.  He was so excited!  (Picture below)

On June 7th, we went down to Green Bay for Take ‘Em Outdoors Annual Battle On The Bay.  We only got one walleye, which Jacob caught, but had a blast and a fun time at their picnic.  The boys loved the face painting.  😉

The boys are excited to be out of school.  They did so well this year.  We’re so proud of them!  Caleb had 4 A’s and 2 B’s.  Jacob had 5 A’s and 1 C.  The C was in Spanish and he struggled with that class, but found out half way through the year that it was a high school course.  That would have been nice to know that ahead of time, but oh well.  At least he’ll have it out of the way.  Jacob’s still taking guitar lessons and still loving it.  I love listening to him play.  It makes my heart so happy!! 

Last night we went and celebrated…….it was the 1 year anniversary for Jacob finishing his treatment.  YAY!!!  We went out for a nice dinner and then for some frozen yogurt.  Afterwards, we went to the park and the boys ran around for about 2 hours.  They had so much fun and we enjoyed ourselves so much just watching them and having a conversation without interruptions.  Ha!  It was also nice to celebrate the first day of summer yesterday.  :)  It was a LONG winter! 

Jacob will have scans again the end of July.  Still trusting and believing that he is in God’s hands and God knows what’s best for Jacob.  He loves him more than we do!!  Please pray for continued health!! 

Again, thank you for all of your continued prayers, love and support!  We are so very thankful!  Enjoy the pictures below and drop us a note if you can.  😉

God bless you all!!!

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Monday, February 10th

Well hello!  Did you think I forgot about updating you all again?  Well, I did….kinda!   Life has been so busy, but in a good way.  I’ve had good intentions on updating this, but it just doesn’t work out.  Not a whole lot to report, but that’s a good thing, right? 

Jacob is doing great!  He had scans back in October and everything was perfect.  Just what we like to hear.  :)  He has been very busy.  He started taking guitar lessons back in October and LOVES it.  He’s learning to play a lot of his favorite songs.  He also enjoys going to Youth Group on Wednesday nights.  Jacob and Caleb also started downhill skiing last month and are enjoying it as well.  Caleb could take it or leave it, but Jacob really loves it.  He usually spends a good 2 hours on the hill.  :)

His 3 month scans were back on January 14th.  All is good too!  We’re just so happy and thankful and continue to praise our Heavenly Father for all of His blessings!  We’re so thankful for each moment we have with our boys.  :) 

I’m working another part-time job now too on top of being the Deputy Treasurer for Skandia Township, which I still enjoy.  I am working as a Thermographer.  It’s quite fascinating.  It can be used for all sorts of reasons, but we concentrate more on breast health.  It is an awesome tool to be used in conjunction with ultrasounds and/or mammograms.  It can detect physiologic change about 8 years earlier than mammograms for most breast cancer.  It’s just fascinating!!  So, between the two, I work close to 10 hours a week.  :)  Perfect!!!

Well, that’s about it.  This is probably the shortest entry I’ve had in a long time, but I’m just happy that we have nothing crazy to report.  Just loving life and enjoying each other.  :)

Saturday, September 7th

Well hello everyone!  Did you think I forgot to update all of you?  I actually didn’t, but we’ve been so busy this summer enjoying life I didn’t want to take the time to sit down and spend time on the computer. 

Jacob is great!  Life is great!  Things are great!  Okay, I’ll try to fill you in where I left off.  So much to tell!  First off, the last day of treatment was great!  How can it be bad when we’re celebrating something so wonderful?  They spoiled Jacob of course and Caleb too!  Lots of gifts and cake.  :)  Ken was able to arrive in time for the party.  Caleb and I went down to the lobby to meet him and Caleb ran up to him and said “Dad, I did it!!  I made it through it all!!!”  It brought a tear to our eyes.   It’s so easy to put your focus on the child fighting the cancer, but we sometimes forget how hard it is on the siblings too. 

After chemo was done (YES!), we went to Bay Beach and rode some rides and then off to dinner at Texas Roadhouse – Jacob’s choice.  So if you’re familiar with the restaurant, when it’s someones birthday, they have them get on a “bull” and some people clap.  Caleb begged Jacob to tell our waitress that it was his last day of treatment.  Jacob was very hesitant to agree since he doesn’t like to be the center of attention.  Caleb won.  Soon, our waitress announced “We have a special guest with us tonight.  11 year old Jacob had his last chemo treatment today”, while Jacob sat on the “bull”….  Everyone clapped, cheered and whistled!  It was unbelievable how loud it got in there.   I did everything to keep from bawling.  Jacob gave everyone a big “Yee Haw!”  The owner came over to congratulate him and gave the boys ice cream and brownies.  Someone (anonymous) paid for our dinner and when we left, the employees were lined up to shake his hand and congratulate him.  It was an AWESOME day!!!  Thank you God for all of your blessings!!!

Saturday we got up early to join in the fun that Take ’em Outdoors organization had – a walleye tournament.  It was just for fun for kids diagnosed with life threatening diseases and combat wounded vets.  Everyone was assigned to a fishing pro to fish with.  The couple we were assigned to were amazing!!  We had such a good time with them and enjoyed fishing on their beautiful boat (pictures below).

Since then, we’ve been just loving life and keeping busy.  We had a party for Jacob in July to celebrate his health – JacobPalooza.  That was a lot of fun being with friends and family.  Jacob also had scans on July 8th.  EKG, ECHO, XRay, PET, MRI, CT Scan and bloodwork.  It took several hours, but praise God, all of them came back great!  All of Jacob’s blood counts were perfect except for his lymphocytes, which is part of his immune system that helps fight off viruses and bacteria.  That was only at 500.  They would prefer a couple thousand at least.  His docs said it could take up to 6 months to get it where it needs to be. 

Let’s see, what else have we done.  We have gone swimming, hiking, biking, saw many different waterfalls, had a wonderful camping trip in Brevort, went to the Soo, camping and hiking in Grand Marais, kayaking several times, went to the UP State fair, miniature golfing and zip-lining to name a few.  We just love being home as a family.

School started on Tuesday (1st day picture below.  Look at all that beautiful hair!) and as a 7th grader this year, Jacob is loving it.  He has to get up at 6:00 every morning and catch the bus at 7:00.  Actually both the boys do.  So far so good.  I think he’ll do good energy wise.  Even though his energy was up and down all summer, it’s been on the upswing lately.  He’s been kayaking for a couple of hours at a time and last weekend he hiked 3 miles in and out of a waterfall with no complaints.  Ken and I were laughing because there’s Jacob – everything he’s been through going steady and strong and Caleb complained about being tired and could barely walk on the way out.  Ha!   Jacob still suffers from chemo brain – his short term memory is certainly not functioning the best.  Hopefully it’ll get better.  His oncologist said it should, but some don’t.  Please pray it will!

Unfortunately we’ve lost a couple of cancer fighters this summer.  It just breaks my heart!  I can’t imagine what these families must be going through.  Please be praying for Avery and Uzias’ families.   For complete peace.  Please continue to pray for Julia and Selena as they are fighting hard! 

I will try to update more often.  Now that the kids are in school :( .  I miss them lots, but I’ll have more time to get online. I just got a job with Skandia Township, which is only a few hours a month, but it will be enough to keep me preoccupied a little bit while my babies are gone.  :) Thank you again everyone for your support over the past couple of years.  I know a lot of people didn’t or don’t agree with our choices we made for Jacob, but we did what we believed was right and what God wanted us to do and we don’t regret any of it.  We believe he’s here today because of it.  He’ll have scans again October 2nd, so I’ll keep you updated on that.  God bless you all Team Jacob!!!


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Thursday, June 20th

I wanted to make sure I wrote one last time this week, so here I am.

We had a pretty good week.  Unfortunately with our appointment on Monday, Wednesday and today being early in the morning, that makes for a pretty long day.  If Jacob is tired and run down, that’s a lot of hours sittin’ around doing nothing.  I am so not a reader, so what else is a girl to do?  :)  I try a little bit here and there, but I can get tired of it real quick! 

The weather was beautiful this week.  We walked to the hospital on Tuesday, but couldn’t get Jacob going early enough yesterday or today.  Yesterday, we did end up going to the Wildlife Sanctuary.  That was a lot of fun.  I was upset I forgot my camera.  The boys had a really good time too.  The best part was that it is free!  :)  We were there several hours and walked a lot.  Great exercise for Jacob!  He needs to build up his stamina and build some muscle bad.  We came back to the hotel for dinner and then went back downtown to the Farmers Market.  Wow……certainly nothing like Marquette’s.  It was soooo crowded, but they had so many vendors – all kinds of foods and crafts.  It was awesome!  We were very impressed.  We each got a smoothie, but that was the extent of our purchases.  :)  I was so proud of Jacob doing all that walking Wednesday.  I figured he would be in some pain today, but he said he felt great. 

Today after chemo we came back to the hotel, ate lunch and then ran some errands.  Nothing too exciting, but it was very warm out today so I was happy we chose to do the sanctuary yesterday.   Caleb loves “working out” in the exercise room here at the hotel, so we did that tonight.  We’ve gone just about every night this week.  I just usually walk on the treadmill while he lifts weights.  :)  He tells me he’s getting buff!  Ha!

Chemo went well all week.  It seems to get harder on him each round.  So very very thankful that we are done TOMORROW!   I don’t know how much more he can take.  He hasn’t been sick, but I can tell that he has less and less tolerance  for certain smells and talking about certain foods or his brothers gross stories.  :)  His stomach is a lot weaker than it was just a couple of months ago, so I’m glad he can now be on a constant upswing and get strong and healthy again.  Hopefully it won’t take him too long. 

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is his last day.  Just about 9 months ago, the nightmare was starting over again.  After the first experience, who would’ve thought Jacob would be doing so well.  What a celebration that is!!  Speaking of celebrations, Child Life is planning a big party for him tomorrow (they tell me).  We asked for a late appointment since Ken is heading down after work, he’s hoping to be here for that and meet Jacob’s doctor and nurses.  He actually hasn’t even had a chance to do that yet.  It should be a great start to a wonderful weekend, summer and the rest of our lives!  :) 

I will continue to update you all.  Jacob will be having scans the week of July 8th.  The appointments are not set in stone yet.  Please be praying that the scans are still clear and continue to be.  We are believing in God’s healing in Jacob’s life and will speak truth and life over him.  I pray Psalm 91 over him often.  :)

I can’t thank you all enough for all of your prayers!  Jacob has thrived through this treatment.  Gaining weight, feeling good and mentally healthy.   Praise God!!   We appreciate all of your support too!  I wish we could thank each and every one of you individually.  Thank you Team Jacob!!!  WE LOVE YOU ALL!  :)

Monday, June 17th

Guess what???  We’re in Green Bay again and what does that mean?  JACOB’S LAST WEEK OF TREATMENT!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Yes, we’re just a little bit excited.  Can you tell?  Jacob is soooo excited!  He has brought it up several times over the last few days and practically bounces off the walls when he talks about it.  :)  We are excited too, of course.  I’m so glad it’s just about over.  I am so tired!!  So very very tired!  Mentally and physically.  I can’t wait to have a good nights sleep.  :) 

We had a good time at home, of course.  I hurt my back digging flowers right after we got home, so I didn’t get much done.  Was hoping to work out in the yard lots, but that didn’t happen.  I guess that’s God’s way of telling me to not go by my plans because He has plans of His own.  :)  So after several chiropractor appointments from 2 different chiropractors, I finally feel better.  Not 100%, but better.  The worst part is, sitting causes the worst pain.  Guess what I’m doing a lot of this week?  Ugh!!

Anyway, last week, my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece came up for the week for a visit.  It was so good seeing them!  We had just seen them about a month ago at my Mom and Dads, but that was just for one day.  This time we really got to enjoy their company and of course love on the kids, Brady and Paige.  Jacob and Caleb love them and enjoyed playing with them.  They’re 1 and 3, so I enjoyed having little ones around the house.

So now we’re to this week……..  Now only 4 days of chemo left!  Caleb is with us of course and Ken is coming down to meet us on Friday for a big fishing trip on Saturday with “Take ‘Em Outdoors”.  The organization that took Jacob turkey hunting back in April.  We will be walleye fishing with pros and semi-pros.  After, they will be serving lunch and will have an afternoon of fun.  We’re really looking forward to it.  What a great way to end chemo and celebrate with a day of fun! 

More good news, Jacob will have scans again in a few weeks and will need his port taken out.  His docs down in Milwaukee at CHOW said originally that they would want to see him for future scans and checkups.  We were really hoping we could do all of those appointments in Green Bay for the shorter drive.  So, I did a little begging, and his main doctor at CHOW agreed that Jacob could do all future appointments and scans in Green Bay and we would only need to head down if there were any concerns.  PRAISE GOD!!!  That is a major blessing, especially with less driving time and with the gas prices…….

Please continue to keep Jacob in your prayers!  These kids who go through this treatment need your continued prayers for years and years.  Not just through treatment.  We appreciate your prayers so much!   Can you please continue to pray for Julia, Avery and Uzias?  They’re all having a rough time right now with that “C” monster coming back.  Please pray for a miracle to happen in their lives.