Thursday, March 7th

Before I forget, I must tell you all about what wonderful things the hospital did for Jacob on his last day of radiation.   First thing Friday morning, on the 15th, Jacob had radiation.  When we were getting ready to leave, the ladies gave not just Jacob, but Caleb too, Avenger shirts and each an Avenger Mask.  Jacob got Iron Man, since his nickname is Iron Man and Caleb’s is Hulk.  🙂  They also gave us a couple of gift cards.  We’re gonna miss them.  They were all so sweet and wonderful.  We had to stop in there to see them since we haven’t seen them in a couple weeks.  We may have to do that each time we come down for chemo.  🙂  Dr. Leenstra, Jacob’s radiation oncologist, was also very nice and thankful that God blessed us with such wonderful people.  Whenever Dr. Leenstra would see Jacob, of course his first question was how Jacob was doing.  The second was “Is everyone being nice to you?  If not, you better tell me.”  🙂   I don’t think anyone there has a mean bone in their body.  🙂

Anyway, after we left radiation, we went upstairs for chemo.  We got settled in and pretty soon, the nurses and Child Life girls came in singing, clapping and holding a sign, “Way To Go “.  They also had presents – not just for Jacob, but for Caleb too (don’t forget that Caleb was with us that week).   They told Caleb that the celebration was also for him for being such a brave brother while his Mom and brother were away so much for radiation.  Is that awesome or what?  I wish I would’ve thought to take pictures.  Darn it!  They also had cake.  We just love everyone at this hospital.  They care about their patients (and siblings) so much!!!

Ok…enough of old stories.  🙂  So thankfully, we get to go home tomorrow.  It’s been a long week.  I don’t know why, but time has been draggin’ this week.  Probably because Jacob’s been tired and not up to doing very much.  His energy level comes and goes, so ya never know.  Yesterday, I made him walk around the mall with me because my butt hurt from sitting around so much the past few days.  At least that was a little bit of exercise.  Maybe that helped, because he was actually quite energetic today.  Once we left the hospital, we got some lunch and headed to the National Railroad Museum.  Jacob had a blast!!  It was pretty interesting and I’m sure we’ll have to head back again before our trips are over in June.

Speaking of trips back, we only have 5 more.  Yes, that’s right…..Jacob only has 5 more chemo treatments left!!!  Woohoo!!  Each treatment is 5 days long.  So exciting!!   Next time we’re here, if everything goes right, will be the 25th.  Jacob is scheduled to have scans then to make sure his treatment is working.  Please pray that it is.  They will make sure that they look at his scans right away that morning before he starts treatment.  They don’t want to keep filling his body with these chemo drugs if they’re not working.  If they aren’t, then who knows…….  Change of plans I guess.  But, we’re not gonna go there.  We’re going to continue to pray that Jacob stays healed and that his scans stay clear.  It’s all in God’s hands!!

So tomorrow we get to go home!!  We’re very excited!  Jacob will have chemo early – at 7:45.  So if things all go well, we should be home by 2:30ish.  Caleb and I are planning on going out on a date this weekend.  Not sure yet what we’re going to do, but we need some alone time too.  That will also give Ken and Jacob some alone time, which will be good from both of them.  To do something that they enjoy doing together.  At least we’ll have 2 weeks home.  I’m loving that schedule.   So much better than only 2 days at home.  🙂

Again thank you for all of your prayers and support.  Thank you Nikki D. for blessing us!!  🙂  Thank you Stacy H. for making dinner for Ken and Caleb.  It’s nice knowing that they’re eating somewhat healthy when I’m not home.  🙂  Ken’s an excellent cook, but doesn’t always have time to plan out a meal with work and all.  It’s not always easy being Dad and Mom at the same time.  🙂

Please keep the following kids in your prayers.  I know it’s a lot to ask, but they desperately need them.  Some need them more than others, but they’re all fighting cancer in one way or another.  Either dealing with the horrific treatment or fighting to stay alive:

Bella, Julia, Seth, Elijah, Halee, Uzias, Brendan, Lakin, Deven, Savannah, Isaac and Johnathon

So sad…I know it seems like a long list, but unfortunately that’s only a very small percentage of kids that are fighting this ugly fight!

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