Thursday, January 31st

Woohoo!!  The last day of January already??  I love that time is flying by.  That just means closer to life being back to “normal”.  Whatever that means!  Jacob has continued to do really well this week.  He had blood taken today.  Everything is on it’s way up, but not his wbc’s.  Ugh!  They’re still at 700.  The same as they were on Monday.  I was a little frustrated, but his doctor told me not to expect them to be too high from now on.  He’s been through and is going through a lot of chemo and he’s also getting radiation.  His bone marrow is getting tired.  We’ll be back here on Monday for radiation, which by the way, after tomorrow, he only has 10 radiation treatments left.  Praise God!  He’s scheduled to start chemo again on Monday and if his ANC isn’t up, they’ll postpone chemo till the following Monday.  I guess it’s all in Gods’ hands, right?

Ken called yesterday to say that when Caleb got home from school, he plopped on the couch and passed out.  Caleb take a nap?  Not normal.  His cheeks were flushed, so Ken checked his temp and it was 103.  Poor little guy!  He had no other symptoms, just that.  I talked to him before we went to the hospital this morning and thankfully his fever went down to 100.4 and was 100.2 this afternoon.  It’s going in the right direction.  Ken told me that we should just stay down here because he doesn’t want Jacob to get sick.  That’s the last thing we would want.  When someone with cancer or going through treatment gets a fever, that’s a very big deal!  So, I spoke with Jacob’s doctor today about it and he said that “you need to go home for family time.  That’s very important and plus you can’t let fear take over!  If Jacob gets a cold then we deal with it.  Him being healthy mentally and emotionally are just as important, if not more.”  I love his Doctor here.  He’s so down to earth!  So tomorrow after his radiation appointment, we head for home.  Yay!!  Time to snuggle my little guy and for Mom to take over and get that little boy feeling good again.  🙂

I do have a few prayer requests (not in any particular order)….First, for Caleb to feel better so we can all enjoy our time at home together and so Jacob doesn’t get sick.  Second, Jacob’s back is getting a little pink.  Please keep praying for him that it doesn’t get too bad as radiation can burn the skin really bad to where it becomes painful, raw and oozy.  Also please continue to pray that he will have protection over the organs inside as his heart, lungs, spinal cord are in the way.  His esophagus and stomach can be damaged too.  I try to be diligent to pray Psalm 91 over Jacob everyday during radiation and I believe it is helping, but would like your prayers too please!  Lastly, please pray that we have a safe drive home tomorrow. 

Thank you all so very much and I will write again next week when we’re back in Green Bay.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Please give your kiddos extra kisses and hugs everyday.  Don’t take the moments with them for granted.  We are in contact with other families who’s children have cancer and are in a state that don’t look very hopeful.   You just never know what tomorrow will bring.




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