Thursday, April 7th

Jacob had another good day again today. I hope I can keep saying that for awhile yet. First thing he got to do this morning was the Wii Fit. He loves that part. His balance is getting better and better everyday. He also got to do the hand-pedal bike video game along with some strenthening. This afternoon he had the opportunity of getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather by riding a large 3-wheeled bike or tricycle (he’s not quite ready for the 2 wheels). At first he didn’t want to try it (I think he was embarrassed), but had a blast once he got outside. He rode all around the parking lot for a 1/2 hour. It was so nice for both of us to get outside and get some fresh air. The rest of the day wasn’t as fun. Just a lot of exercising and walking. They have him using 2 hand or arm crutches (not sure of the technical name) instead of the cane. They don’t want him favoring one leg more than the other.

Later this afternoon, Jacob’s Uncle Neil, Aunt Kristina and cousin Brady came for a visit, along with his Aunt Rachel, cousin Jayden and most of all, his cool little brother Caleb. His Aunt Rachel brought with her an envelope of things from the Red Wings that my cousin Steve (who’s currently serving in Iraq) arranged to have sent to Jacob, including a real autographed picture from Pavel Datsyuk. He was so excited!

We enjoy having company come visit so much! It takes the sting out of having to live in a hospital.

I’ll try to get some pictures on here soon.

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  1. Rachel Blair (Aunt Rachel) says:

    I had fun this afternoon. 🙂 Tell Jacob I will bring those “special items” for his Zen garden next time I come. ;). Our visits never seem long enough, though. We got back around 9 and the boys fell asleep almost immediately after they were tucked in. Caleb gets to experience the wonderful goodness of estate sales and antiques tomorrow morning! 🙂 Ha! I’ll let you know how that goes. 😉 I can’t wait to see you in a couple days! I love you both!

    • zeewoo says:

      :0 😀 ;0

  2. Carisa Taylor says:

    We are so proud of you Jacob. So happy to hear how good you are doing!

  3. Linda Sleeman says:

    Glad to hear you are getting out and having fun, Jacob. “Iron Man” should be sewn on your hockey jersey when the season starts again next year! You are truly a brave and strong boy. We are praying for your quick recovery so you can get back home. Take care of your mom. God Bless.

  4. Amy Bone says:

    Keep up the great work Jacob!! Glad to hear that you are recovering so quickly! Take Care~Amy Bone

  5. Tami Westman says:

    It is good to read that your day was good!! Its so fun to have company. You are a neat kid. Pastor Ron continually pray for you.
    Here are your jokes today:
    What do you call a rodent who plays hockey?
    Rink Rats!!!

    Why did the hockey player graduate from college?
    Because that was his goal!

    I know you are working hard for your goals!
    Ms. Tami

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