Monday, January 21st

We had a wonderful time at home!  It went by too fast though.  We got home around 6:00 on Friday.  Roads were pretty good up until we got past Perkins and then they were snow covered and got worse as we got closer to home.  Praise God, He kept us safe.   Jacob was so hyper!  Actually, both the boys were.  Lots of wrestling and craziness going on.  It was fun to watch!  🙂

Saturday, Caleb had his first basketball game.  He plays Upwards at Lake Superior Christian Church.  It’s a program where not only do they teach basketball, but God’s word too.  Wonderful program.  This is Caleb’s 3rd year of playing.  He’s on the Pistons this year and loves it.  They won on Saturday 14-10 and he got a couple of baskets, so all is well in his eyes.  🙂  Jacob decided to stay home because he was just loving being home.  Can’t blame him!  Afterwards, we all went ice fishing out at Bass Lake. Even brought our pug, Katy.   Only catch and release, but had a blast!  I wasn’t sure if Jacob would want to go, but he did and had fun too.  We were out there for a few hours and loved every minute of it.  Ken’s friend Luke had his shanty out there, so that’s why I loved it.  I’m not good with the cold, but give me a shanty with a wood stove in it and I’m good to go.  🙂  That’s my kind of fishing! 

Sunday was a lazy day.  We didn’t end up going to church since I didn’t sleep good and had a headache.  We just layed around in our pj’s and watched movies all day.  It was certainly too cold to go outside.  So glad we got the fresh air Saturday.  It might sound boring to some, but it was fun with just the four, make that five, of us just being together.  I cherish these moments.  But soon, it came to an end.  It went by way too fast! 

Got Caleb off to school this morning.  So hard to leave him again.  Especially when there are tears!  🙁  Hopefully this week goes by fast.  We left our house at 10:45.  Got to Green Bay for Jacob’s 1:00 radiation appointment and was done by 1:30.  Now what????  Almost wish I had it in me to get back in the car and drive home.  Don’t think it would be too efficient with the gas prices to be doing that everyday.  Tempting though!  

Jacob and I then went to get groceries and checked in to the Days Inn.  Thank goodness no more Travelodge!   Each room has kitchenettes, so we can save money and make most of our meals.  We’re getting pretty sick of eating out.  And we’re SO happy the rooms are nice and clean!!  Bonus!

Jacob continues to feel and look great!  We are so happy he’s getting such good care here.  God is so good!  He’s blessed us so much over the past couple of years!  And keeps on giving! 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  Your prayers mean so much!  We are so thankful for each and every one of you.  🙂

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  1. Jody says:

    It really sounds like our Ewings stories are quite similar. We were all miserable that first induction phase. Then surgery and then more chemo. The “more chemo” or post surgery chemo was night and day compared to that induction phase. Our boys both did well after. We actually enjoyed our hospital visits. I would highly recommend a whoopie cushion. Jacob would put it in his sweats and then let it rip when nurses and docs were around. We laughed so hard and we know that, laughter is the best medicine. We ended up graduating to the “Fartinator 3000.” The best gift ever….it was a speaker with a remote control to let em rip. we would hang Jacobs bathrobe on the IV pole with the speaker in the bathrobe pocket. Then walk the halls, hit the remote and watch people chuckle or ignore us. Oh……young boys love that stuff. Just some ideas to kill time. Hang in there and know we think,of,you often. How could I not when ou were somreceptivemto talking to me when we started our journey. Hugs….Team Crump

  2. Sam says:

    So glad things went well and you like your new digs. I have a coat that Brutus outgrew so let me know is Katy would like it….

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