Monday, December 17th

Back in Green Bay once again!  We all had to get up early this morning to get Caleb on the bus at 6:50.  My poor baby!  Jacob and I left right away as we had to be here by 9:30 cheese time.  Jacob had an EKG and ECHO this morning before he was admitted.  They wanted to check on him again since they haven’t since October.  The reason for that is that one of the chemo drugs he is getting – Doxorubicin, is very hard on the heart, so they want to monitor it.   His heart is not functioning as strong as it was in October, but still in the “limits”.  Not what I wanted to hear, but trusting God will take care of my baby.  Thank goodness that this is the last cycle of Doxorubicin that he will ever have.  And I mean EVER!  There is a lifetime limit of that stuff and he has met it.  Poor little guy! 

Anyway, after all of that fun was done and over, Jacob was admitted for his 5th round.  Can’t believe how fast this has gone by.  It’s amazing how fast it goes when the doctors and nurses are taking care of your son and he’s not sick and nauseous, losing a ton of weight and wanting to die.  I am just so very thankful for these amazing people here in WI!   I think about it everyday – just how well he’s thriving!  His weight fluctuates, but he has not lost 1 pound!  PTL!!!  He told me a couple weeks ago that his back hasn’t felt this good in a couple of years.  Not even after the first surgery.  So much to be thankful for!   Sorry that I’m still stewing so much.  Sometimes it’s hard to not go there – knowing how well he’s doing and knowing what hell he had to go through before.   So….he did get his Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide and Vincristine and is done for the night.  All went well and he’s feeling great!  He was craving graham crackers and milk, so that’s what he’s currently snacking on.  🙂   Tomorrow he’ll only have the Doxorubicin and some heart protectant and then we’ll be on the road again heading home.  🙂

Last Thursday, Jacob’s counts were horrible, so Friday he had to have a blood transfusion.  Originally Marquette General said they wouldn’t accept him as a patient for transfusions when Milwaukee called and asked, but Green Bay must’ve buttered them up because they finally agreed.  PTL!  All went well, but we were there for over 5 hours.  Better than making the trip down here to do it, right?  The rest of our time at home went well, but flew by.  It was busy, but good.  We did have a pipe break under our sink when the dishwasher was running, so that was fun to clean up.  🙂  On a good note, we had a good family friend, Ryan stay with us for most of the week.  Thank you for coming Ryan.  The boys had a blast with the nerf gun fights again!  🙂 

Looking forward to being home for 2 weeks.  We don’t have to head back until New Years Eve.  That will be for 5 days.  Our last round of Induction and then they’ll do scans to see where Jacob’s at.  The docs here did offer to move his treatment back a couple of days if we wanted to be home for New Years, but Ken has to work, so there’s really no point.  I’d rather be home for the weekend when he’s off of work.  Plus, Caleb gets to come with us!  As long as he’s healthy, he’ll be staying with us at the hospital all week.  I was shocked when Child Life said they encourage it.  That they would prefer the whole family be here together to help the patient get better.  Wow…what a concept!  I remember getting my butt chewed for bringing Caleb to clinic one day with me to get Jacob’s blood checked in G.R.   I have to say, this hospital is amazing!  I’m pretty excited to have both my boys with me.  Wish Ken could be with us too, but gotta pay the bills somehow, right? 

We are so very thankful to all of you that have blessed us.  Recently and in the past!  Thank you Crystal and co-workers at Northern Michigan Bank!  Thank you Lake Superior Christian Church!  And thank you Outhouse Classic Crew!  Your generosity this past week blessed us tremendously!!!!  Also thank you to those that made donations on our website.  🙂  God has done so many amazing things in our lives over the past couple of years.  Even though it may look crazy, chaotic and even horrible at times from the outside – and believe me, sometimes it is – we are putting our faith and total trust in God!  He will never let us down.  He knows whats best for us – for Jacob and even though we think we might know, we don’t.  Only God knows.  I have no clue how people go through stress and tragedies in their lives without having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   But I’m thankful everyday that I do.  🙂

I’m hoping to write again tomorrow, but it never goes the way I plan.  I’m also hoping to write again before Christmas, but if I don’t, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Make sure you hug and kiss your children and spouse just a little bit more and make sure you tell them that you love them.  🙂

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