Monday, April 11th

Well, I must say…I am so thankful that we got out yesterday and had a good time with family because today…not so fun! We arrived back at the hospital at 11:00. Jacob had to have another IV put in for bloodwork and for the surgery. He is not very fond of needles, so that didn’t go over so well. He had his surgery to put his port in at 1:00. It took an hour and a half. Everything went well. He was back in his room by 3:00 and starving since he hadn’t been able to eat since the night before. He chowed!!! He ate a ton of food. Later on, his Uncle Neil, Aunt Kristina and cousin Brady came, along with his Grandparents. It was a nice distraction since he wasn’t diggin’ the port and stitches. They finally started his chemo meds around 11:00 tonight and about a 1/2 hour into it, he ended up getting sick to his stomach. Thankfully it was only 1 time and hopefully it won’t happen again. Poor little guy! Such a hard thing to watch. If only I could take it all away and put it on myself. He such a strong boy. I’m so proud of him!

Please keep praying for Jacob as he continues chemo. That he won’t have any more nausea and vomiting and that his fatigue will be kept at a minimum. Also continue to pray that his physical therapy goes well and that he keeps progressing.

Thanks again for all your comments and messages. Jacob enjoys reading them as do I.

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  1. Carisa Taylor says:

    Although this time is hard on your body, let your positive spirit lead the way. You will overcome this illness by keeping your faith. Keep focused on the end result, being cured and healthy, to get you through the tough times. We love you and are praying often for you.

  2. Barbara Bach says:

    Jacob, I wish I was close enough to come and visit you! You are doing such a great job in this battle you’re fighting. It’s like the end of a hockey game when you’ve been knocked down a few times, maybe had your helmet knocked off too. But you are still skating and playing and hey…you scored a goal! Keep up the good work. I know that this is hard work, with no days off. I’m rooting for you!
    Lots of love! XOXOXOXO

  3. Mike, Robin, Stina, Laura, & Erik says:

    We know you are very strong Jacob and you won’t let it get you down. Still praying for you and thinking about you. Erin – If you or Ken need anything, let us know. We are happy to do anything to help. Miss you guys!! Erik says hi to Jacob.

  4. Stacy Sibanda says:

    Jacob we are praying hard for you. Stay strong and let the good Lord guide you through this. Hang in there buddy! Erin, I pray that God continues to give you strength. You are always in my prayers and heart. Love you! Stacy

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