Friday, April 15th

Well, today was even better yet. I could tell he felt better right when he woke up this morning. Although he did end up throwing up late morning, but felt better afterwards. He still didn’t eat much today, but still more than yesterday. Hopefully it just keeps getting better everyday. The physical therapist even said that he seemed stronger. I love hearing good news at this point!

Jacob had 4 houra of therapy again today. Lots of strengthening. He also played Wii Fit, pool and Uno. He loves the occupational therapy! It doesn’t seem like work.

Later this afternoon, my sister Liz brought Caleb to see us along with 2 of her kids Abbie and Jared. The kids had a good time. This evening, my Aunt Gaye and Uncle Marty, cousin Chris and his wife Theresa came for a visit. We had a nice visit. The best part is is that Caleb is staying here at MFB with Jacob and I for the weekend. Jacobs schedule is usually pretty light on the weekend, so I decided that we should have a sleepover for a couple of nights. I think all 3 of us could use some bonding time. Just wish Ken was here with us. At least we’ll be able to see him next week. We’ve been snuggling on our cots, eating popcorn and watching a movie. Just so thankful I have both my boys here with me. Actually, as I’m sitting here writing this, Jacob’s kneeling behind me and massaging my shoulders. Boy I have such great kids!

Please continue to pray for Jacob and the strengthening of his hips and legs. That he would also be able to walk soon without assistance. That part is very frustrating for him. Thanks again for all your prayers. I could never thank you all enough!

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  1. Judy McGuire says:

    Great update! I’m glad you’re feeling better Jacob! And how wonderful that Caleb is staying with you for the weekend! Hope you guys have a super great time! We’re praying for you and your family every single day!!!!

  2. M,T,P,J, Anderson says:

    Thank you for all the updates. We think and talk about him almost every day. Jacob, keep up the hard work. Erin enjoy your boys this weekend. Hugs to all of you guys.

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